Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Two, Two, Too Close to Two!

Twenty two months!  Just saying that they are 22 months, takes my breath away.  How has that much time passed?  How are they this close to being 2 years old?  I find myself constantly torn between encouraging them to grow and develop and trying to hold on to those last little bit of babies.

The girls are so much fun and have developed tremendously this past month.  They amaze us (and terrify us) with their climbing abilities.  Every surface and piece of furniture is a place to practice their skills from Little Gym.  They swing from the gates, hang from the edge of the table, walk on the ends of chairs, cannon ball in the bathtub- you name it, they do it!

They have made leaps and bounds in communicating too.  They no longer just point and say a singular word.  They are starting to put nouns and verbs together to make mini sentences and it has been fun having little conversations with them.  It is clear that they understand everything, which means we have to be a lot more careful about what we say and how we say it.

Perhaps the best part of all of this growing up is that they want to snuggle, hug and kiss with such intent.  Both girls have starting asking to "Rock-a-baby" every night.  We never rocked them to bed before, but find it impossible to resist their requests to do so now.  They also love to sit and snuggle for a few minutes at a time, give hugs and kisses and hold hands.  The duration is brief, but they do it with such intent and I can't get enough!

At just under 25lbs a piece they are still little peanuts.  They have been all caught up to their full-term peers for a while now, so it looks like we have a pair of dainty little girls on our hands--in size anyway!