Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Next Chapter

After 17 months at home with my little loves (minus those three weeks I went back to my last job…), I have gone back to work full time.

I spent several months working from home, and it.was.not.working!  Trying to juggle the girls, the house, and clients without steady childcare was just too much.  After a lot of soul searching, and a few panic attacks, we decided that I would look for a job.

I found an interesting position the website of a former employer.  I reached out to a few contacts and a few weeks later I found myself sitting in the lobby in a new suit with a new hair cut, waxed eyebrows, and a manicure and hoping that I didn't have peanut butter in my hair as I waited for the interview to begin.

I got the job and it just felt right.  We found a wonderful nanny who has made this transition far easier than I had expected.  The girls love her, and I love that they have another person in their lives that can love them and bring them new perspectives and culture.

I miss the girls terribly throughout the workday, but my time at home with them is spent focusing 100% on them.  So while I have less time, I have more quality time…even if they are far more interested in the contents of my purse and briefcase than they are in my smothering attention. It's not easy, but being a parent is not easy- working or not.  It's just a different batch of challenges, but overall I know that we are doing the right thing.

And now, for the real reason you read this blog:

Thank you for our outfits Aunt Tracey!