Wednesday, July 23, 2014

21 Months- Let me take a selfie!

21 months!  The girls are so much fun at this age!  They have learned so many new words and love communicating.  I love the mini conversations we can have now:

Me: Michaela, were you naughty for Tabby today?
Michaela: No, Reese!

Me: Time for a bath.
Reese: No clean. Bye bye, bath.

We have discovered a newfound love of condiments and dips, and sauces.  Turns out, I can get them to eat pretty much anything- so long as I put ketchup and barbecue sauce on their plates.  They continue to be food divas and will look at their condiment-free plate and ask for "mo sauce".  They love guacamole and hummus, but didn't think a whole lot of fresh Krispy Kreme donuts. I sometimes find myself having irrational conversations- "No, you can't have another apple.  Eat your donut please."
 Whose kids are these??

I'll smile for the camera, but I'm not eating this!

Really, Mom?  This is lame. 

The girls are obsessed with taking selfies.  Reese will take my phone and say "selfie?!?"- 21 months going on 21 years.

Twins selfie = twinsie

At the doctor with day 4 of a 102 fever.  Selfies really are the best medicine. 


Daddy educating his girls at Mount Vernon

I'm exhausted