Sunday, October 26, 2014

And Then They Turned Two

It happened in just a blink of an eye.  Our tiny little loves turned two.  I still fumble over the words when I say their age.  No more "xx months," now they are simply, yet wonderfully "2!"

Their second birthday party was a simple affair with homemade cupcakes and takeout pizza.  No real decorations, just all attention and effort spent on the two little girls that have turned our lives into a world of craziness, silliness, laughter and love.  It was perfect.

Even as I write this now, I can't help by marvel at how far we they have come; how far we have all come in some ways.

They were 1 month old in this picture.  I was sobbing. 

Yes, Michaela is wearing new clothes G'Ma and G'Pops bought her over her birthday dress. 

We can't imagine loving these two more.