Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Maybe I Should Blog About This

It was a few days before Christmas.  Decorations were up, the stockings were hung by the mantle with care, holiday cheer was abundant, and I was a hot mess.  I spent the day somewhere between furious and sad for absolutely no reason.

I thought to myself, "Man, I haven't been this crazy since I was…. No, can't be.  I mean, it could be.  No, it isn't.  I just went to the doctor.  My hormones are still a mess from the twins.  It can't be. "  It was!

I gasped, I cussed, I laughed, and I hit my knees and thanked God for a miracle I truly did not believe was possible.   I thought about the irony in learning that our lives would be forever changed by peeing on something that costs $1.50 at Target.  Pregnancy tests really should come with a lot more pomp and circumstance.

And so here we are- 34 weeks pregnant with another baby girl!

The girls are super excited about "Baby Cheeto," but don't fully seem to grasp the concept that she is going to come live with us.  In reality, I don't think I fully grasp the concept yet either. Blair, as usual, is as calm as a cucumber. It will be hard, but it will be wonderful!  We couldn't be happier!