Sunday, March 6, 2016

Elliott Faye- 6 Months

Sweet, sweet Elliott.  6 whole months (and a few days).  How did we get here?  How has time gone by this fast?

Things are so different this time around.  Having a full-term, healthy, robust little baby (and only one baby) is like a total 180 from when the twins were this age.  We are confident in ourselves and our abilities to care for this little girl.  We are confident in her ability to thrive.

Elliott is a big baby girl: 75% for height and 90% for weight :)  Those sorts of stats are foreign to us in the Hoyt household, but we'll take them all day long.

She is chubby, and wiggly, and giggly and all things so magical about a 6-month-old baby.  She has started rolling over and is working on sitting up.  She loves to grab our faces and give us kisses.  She is so proud of herself for learning how to jump in her jumper.  Clearly a budding daredevil.

Her sisters absolutely adore her.   While they may occasionally love her a little too much, they are the BEST big sisters.

While we once wondered how we would manage life with her, we now can't imagine life without her.    God blessed us with this miracle baby, and we could not be more grateful.